Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Quiet, Cocky One

When you hear someone being described as quiet you usually would not imagine them also being described as cocky. This one was quite interesting. His quietness sprouted most likely from the cockiness due to his thought that he was too good for whoever engaged him in conversation. Being that he had some money in his wallet, he thought who he was. Of course my sister, the girl who loves to fix people, fell in love with him, and once she has her claws in someone... well... your going to need the jaws of life to ply that one off anyone. And so her love and devotion blinded us, the family and friends, of his less than attractive ways. 

I believe this one lasted about a year before destruction and devastation hit. This scholarly fellow decided to take a summer activity where you sleep away for 6 weeks. Let's just say, he wasn't sleeping alone. So we refer to this as summer #1. I don't know how I managed not to strangle her for all the yelling, tantrums, and full on balling for the whole summer. You may ask how this overly confident boy was found out anyway... Let's just say my sister is quite the investigator, as is any overly jealous girlfriend. She also has many guy friends who will bend over backwards to help her. So with this duo, she managed to find pictures and conversations and rumors about her ill-hearted boyfriend, and some certain sweets he's been flavoring. So must I elaborate? or do we all grasp the fact that she would not go down without a fight.... But what we all want to know is.. how did it end? did she forgive him ?!

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