Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Naive and Good Hearted

So now here we are with the happy couple... The musical badboy proves to be a decent boyfriend... and so he meets the family. The first time was oh so torturous. Not because I did not like him... that wasn't it at all really... It was the fact that in the first five minutes, I was stuffed into a single go-cart seat with him and was in utter pain. His attempts to drift with the go-cart created a nice steady slamming into my hip, leg and stomach... So by the end of it I felt like I was run over by a stampede of angry elephants. I think his impression of me was slightly tainted when he proceeded to ask if I wanted to ride around some more and I started laughing like a drugged hyena. But I suppose he forgave and forgot because by the end he was already acting as though we were sister and brother... he even went for a hug. I suppose this earns him a new name... The naive and good hearted...

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