Friday, November 30, 2012

The Everlasting Evidence

What I don't understand is if you want to be a little sneak why you don't proceed with caution... Then when you absolutely know there are photographs and rumors about what you've been doing...why even lie about it. People need to understand exactly what getting caught means... especially when your red hands left prints all over. So what does this mean? The Goodhearted Naive one is back to his old ways? Oh the travesty..Oh the betrayal... Ohh the...Ohh wait...They broke up...May have only been two weeks...but they of course were broken up... But now we are confused. Were the two weeks definitely when the pics were taken? Hmmm... And were all ties cut with those people? Well the answer to the second question is probably yes... It was probably a short term thing.. I mean who would want someone who hooks up with girls all the time when they say they love their girl...Well...We aren't at that guy yet... So back to the Naive one. He of course denies it all then changes his story.. Shocker. Then they get in a small fight.. then get back to normal.. and he just unlocked another door.. only this door is full of my crazy sister...and she's ready to investigate all over again...only this time she has more expertise.. and of course... more nerve. So I guess he's in for a treat and he had to learn the hard way... Keep your girlfriend close...but your cell phone far from her...

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