Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Girl Herself

You must understand who this girl is before you judge or ask yourself why she was ever with them in the first place. The first part is plain and simple. She takes on these guys who she thinks need ...hmmm... improvement, and she will fight with, for, and to them as long as she pleases. The next part is something I have realized. I believe she is drawn to cockiness and guys who other girls want. When people ask me why she is dating someone, the only reason I can give is that she likes they way they treat her. A lot of the time girls feel special when a guy has a weakness for them. It is a certain satisfying feeling to be a guys kryptonite. The one and only thing that can severely sever their heart strings, and my sister likes to tangle her fingers. My sister is one of those people who will not and cannot be alone. Perhaps she feels protected or likes the ability to vent to people. Perhaps its to feel acceptance. What ever the reason, I don't think she's been without a boyfriend for more than two weeks. Once you understand the type of girl she is, you will better understand the choices she makes and the things she will do.

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