Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Strong Is Love?

When people ask for love perhaps they should be more specific... Because of course.. it comes in many forms... there is 'I love you like family' or 'I love you' as in your my best friend... And of course the infamous 'Temporary Love'... So what kind of love is my sister in with the naive and good hearted one...or previously known as the musical badboy... and what kind of love does he feel for her? Well after he was well acquainted with the family and friends we were saddened by the fact that it seemed like temporary love. (Mostly saddened that we may need to redo it again with another guy). My sister of course felt the need to 'stalk his whole life on the boardwalk' and found some very displeasing news... It appeared as though he was back to his old business...hanging with his girly q's and late, long nights with his buds. So here we begin WWII. Oh how I wish to never relive this time... When she asks to borrow your computer to investigate...well your not seeing that computer light for hours...and if you try to take it from her...well...she will bite...and I prefer not to get rabies.. so of course she 'broke it off' with him... It lasted a couple weeks, but luckily their break up was as temporary as their first love.... So the real question is....Did anything happen in those two weeks?

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