Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Musical Badboy

So here we are after the last relationship came crashing down. It started in young love and ended in a heated argument over trust. Now the real story is about this new fellow. The musical badboy. Now why would my dearest sister go after a player after that last cheating scandal? I must confess that even I took a short bit to figure that brain twister out. It appears that my sister liked the game more than she led on. She has a strong capacity to argue and she is extremely good at it. So now these two birds are talking, but are they in love? The musical badboy fits perfectly to his name, at least for awhile. Does this suggest that she succeeds in her changing ritual? In the beginning, he would not date her. He was seeing multiple girls and had a few that he liked the most, my sister being one of them. The strange part was that she knew and agreed to all this. She did not mind being in a Hugh Hefner situation, especially when she was Holly. It only made the game more invigorating. So they went on hanging out and partying and doing what they do when in that type of open relationship. Only, she started letting on that she wanted to close that relationship, make it exclusive. Of course this little player was reluctant. He wanted to live it up in his youth, not to be tied down like a ball and chain at the bottom of the lake. But eventually, she gnawed away at his thoughts of having multiple girls, and made him a one girl kinda guy... but would it last? ... Do people really change?

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