Monday, November 26, 2012

The Heartbreak Kid

Looks like I'm feeling rather sentimental from the plunge into the past. So lets have a share shall we? How about one of my sisters first dates with the quiet cocky one. Theres nothing like a third wheel... or maybe a fourth? Especially when its your mother and little sister tagging along. Now let's see...what movie could it have been.... ahh yes... The Heartbreak Kid. The reviews I've heard were terrible...still the reason I haven't seen it.... Oh Wait! That must mean I wasn't the little sister I was referring to.... Yes.. there is another... and perhaps I'll write a blog about her endeavors someday too... but while she ripens... lets get back to the movie... Ohh how theres no bonding like with your boyfriend.. mother.. little sister... and a whole lot of nudity on the big screen. Not what was expected of that R movie huh? So off they went after the movie ceased.. wide eyed and filled with embarrassment. Hmm maybe I should see that movie after all..

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