Monday, November 26, 2012

The Past

So before we move forward, we must understand the past. The transition was no easy one; it included much crying, anger, and working out. My sister is the type of person who gets revenge by looks....and if looks could kill...well..we'd all be dead. So imagine this when she channels her anger into working out towards the best 'body' and truly accomplishes it...... So there is something I had not mentioned about our little summer #1 .... The dumb beauty. Of course my sister could attract any man at this point... and she did. But the one she chose? well... he was a shiny one. His rock hard abs...tanned..beautiful.. muscular physique... his gorgeous thick brown hair... and that glistening smile... He was the best pre-rebound guy you could imagine...and for the month it lasted.... well, I imagine it was like dating a god. So what was his flaw? well I hope the name didn't give it away... The answer is yes, the dumb beauty was truly dumb. His dullness made a spoon look sharp... but don't you think it'd be fun to keep a toy like that around for some arm candy? or did his sweets wear out? .... so perhaps this is what lifted her into the not-so-dull arms of the musical badboy... Not to mention all the pictures with her and 'the god' posted all over the social networking sites... I mean... who could miss the 100 picture album of her and her body and the god's body. For the musical badboy... I'm sure it made her look like a shiny prize all in her own... so what came of the dumb beauty? Well he went off to school to sharpen his wits....which really means: he went to school to party, drink, and lose the few remaining braincells he had left.

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