Friday, November 30, 2012

The Everlasting Evidence

What I don't understand is if you want to be a little sneak why you don't proceed with caution... Then when you absolutely know there are photographs and rumors about what you've been doing...why even lie about it. People need to understand exactly what getting caught means... especially when your red hands left prints all over. So what does this mean? The Goodhearted Naive one is back to his old ways? Oh the travesty..Oh the betrayal... Ohh the...Ohh wait...They broke up...May have only been two weeks...but they of course were broken up... But now we are confused. Were the two weeks definitely when the pics were taken? Hmmm... And were all ties cut with those people? Well the answer to the second question is probably yes... It was probably a short term thing.. I mean who would want someone who hooks up with girls all the time when they say they love their girl...Well...We aren't at that guy yet... So back to the Naive one. He of course denies it all then changes his story.. Shocker. Then they get in a small fight.. then get back to normal.. and he just unlocked another door.. only this door is full of my crazy sister...and she's ready to investigate all over again...only this time she has more expertise.. and of course... more nerve. So I guess he's in for a treat and he had to learn the hard way... Keep your girlfriend close...but your cell phone far from her...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Strong Is Love?

When people ask for love perhaps they should be more specific... Because of course.. it comes in many forms... there is 'I love you like family' or 'I love you' as in your my best friend... And of course the infamous 'Temporary Love'... So what kind of love is my sister in with the naive and good hearted one...or previously known as the musical badboy... and what kind of love does he feel for her? Well after he was well acquainted with the family and friends we were saddened by the fact that it seemed like temporary love. (Mostly saddened that we may need to redo it again with another guy). My sister of course felt the need to 'stalk his whole life on the boardwalk' and found some very displeasing news... It appeared as though he was back to his old business...hanging with his girly q's and late, long nights with his buds. So here we begin WWII. Oh how I wish to never relive this time... When she asks to borrow your computer to investigate...well your not seeing that computer light for hours...and if you try to take it from her...well...she will bite...and I prefer not to get rabies.. so of course she 'broke it off' with him... It lasted a couple weeks, but luckily their break up was as temporary as their first love.... So the real question is....Did anything happen in those two weeks?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Naive and Good Hearted

So now here we are with the happy couple... The musical badboy proves to be a decent boyfriend... and so he meets the family. The first time was oh so torturous. Not because I did not like him... that wasn't it at all really... It was the fact that in the first five minutes, I was stuffed into a single go-cart seat with him and was in utter pain. His attempts to drift with the go-cart created a nice steady slamming into my hip, leg and stomach... So by the end of it I felt like I was run over by a stampede of angry elephants. I think his impression of me was slightly tainted when he proceeded to ask if I wanted to ride around some more and I started laughing like a drugged hyena. But I suppose he forgave and forgot because by the end he was already acting as though we were sister and brother... he even went for a hug. I suppose this earns him a new name... The naive and good hearted...

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Heartbreak Kid

Looks like I'm feeling rather sentimental from the plunge into the past. So lets have a share shall we? How about one of my sisters first dates with the quiet cocky one. Theres nothing like a third wheel... or maybe a fourth? Especially when its your mother and little sister tagging along. Now let's see...what movie could it have been.... ahh yes... The Heartbreak Kid. The reviews I've heard were terrible...still the reason I haven't seen it.... Oh Wait! That must mean I wasn't the little sister I was referring to.... Yes.. there is another... and perhaps I'll write a blog about her endeavors someday too... but while she ripens... lets get back to the movie... Ohh how theres no bonding like with your boyfriend.. mother.. little sister... and a whole lot of nudity on the big screen. Not what was expected of that R movie huh? So off they went after the movie ceased.. wide eyed and filled with embarrassment. Hmm maybe I should see that movie after all..

The Past

So before we move forward, we must understand the past. The transition was no easy one; it included much crying, anger, and working out. My sister is the type of person who gets revenge by looks....and if looks could kill...well..we'd all be dead. So imagine this when she channels her anger into working out towards the best 'body' and truly accomplishes it...... So there is something I had not mentioned about our little summer #1 .... The dumb beauty. Of course my sister could attract any man at this point... and she did. But the one she chose? well... he was a shiny one. His rock hard abs...tanned..beautiful.. muscular physique... his gorgeous thick brown hair... and that glistening smile... He was the best pre-rebound guy you could imagine...and for the month it lasted.... well, I imagine it was like dating a god. So what was his flaw? well I hope the name didn't give it away... The answer is yes, the dumb beauty was truly dumb. His dullness made a spoon look sharp... but don't you think it'd be fun to keep a toy like that around for some arm candy? or did his sweets wear out? .... so perhaps this is what lifted her into the not-so-dull arms of the musical badboy... Not to mention all the pictures with her and 'the god' posted all over the social networking sites... I mean... who could miss the 100 picture album of her and her body and the god's body. For the musical badboy... I'm sure it made her look like a shiny prize all in her own... so what came of the dumb beauty? Well he went off to school to sharpen his wits....which really means: he went to school to party, drink, and lose the few remaining braincells he had left.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

It was a dark cold night, lit only by the dim Christmas lights. What good can come from a cold, icy walk in the frigid winter air you may ask. Holding hands, breathing icy white breath, staring up at the black night sky, discussing the future. After much manipulation, some may call it, she finally got her way. He looked her in the eyes and gave her the best gift she could imagine. "Will you be my girlfriend?" And so it was sealed. They were an exclusive couple. Now the fun begins. Tis the season to be jolly, or so we're told..

The Musical Badboy

So here we are after the last relationship came crashing down. It started in young love and ended in a heated argument over trust. Now the real story is about this new fellow. The musical badboy. Now why would my dearest sister go after a player after that last cheating scandal? I must confess that even I took a short bit to figure that brain twister out. It appears that my sister liked the game more than she led on. She has a strong capacity to argue and she is extremely good at it. So now these two birds are talking, but are they in love? The musical badboy fits perfectly to his name, at least for awhile. Does this suggest that she succeeds in her changing ritual? In the beginning, he would not date her. He was seeing multiple girls and had a few that he liked the most, my sister being one of them. The strange part was that she knew and agreed to all this. She did not mind being in a Hugh Hefner situation, especially when she was Holly. It only made the game more invigorating. So they went on hanging out and partying and doing what they do when in that type of open relationship. Only, she started letting on that she wanted to close that relationship, make it exclusive. Of course this little player was reluctant. He wanted to live it up in his youth, not to be tied down like a ball and chain at the bottom of the lake. But eventually, she gnawed away at his thoughts of having multiple girls, and made him a one girl kinda guy... but would it last? ... Do people really change?

The Rebound

Now that you understand where the quiet cocky one stands, its time to introduce the musical badboy. While on the short spat with the quiet one, she met this other guy. First impression: player. The quiet cocky one failed to meet her needs any longer. Truthfully, perhaps she never completely forgave him. So here we are, a dying relationship, while another is beginning to blossom. I personally have always had mixed feelings about this next one, but we are about to dive off a cliff head first.

Surprise Surprise

Perhaps your here to see how she handled that little worm. Well what did you hope? That she would send him away and never look back? Or were you hoping for an everlasting love? Well if you want to know the truth... she forgave him. Yes, the quiet cocky one was given another chance, but not without consequence. She held him on a leash so tight I'm surprised he didn't suffocate. Who knows, maybe he was into that sort of thing, maybe it made the game all the more interesting. But don't worry your little mind, I said this was a long list.

The Quiet, Cocky One

When you hear someone being described as quiet you usually would not imagine them also being described as cocky. This one was quite interesting. His quietness sprouted most likely from the cockiness due to his thought that he was too good for whoever engaged him in conversation. Being that he had some money in his wallet, he thought who he was. Of course my sister, the girl who loves to fix people, fell in love with him, and once she has her claws in someone... well... your going to need the jaws of life to ply that one off anyone. And so her love and devotion blinded us, the family and friends, of his less than attractive ways. 

I believe this one lasted about a year before destruction and devastation hit. This scholarly fellow decided to take a summer activity where you sleep away for 6 weeks. Let's just say, he wasn't sleeping alone. So we refer to this as summer #1. I don't know how I managed not to strangle her for all the yelling, tantrums, and full on balling for the whole summer. You may ask how this overly confident boy was found out anyway... Let's just say my sister is quite the investigator, as is any overly jealous girlfriend. She also has many guy friends who will bend over backwards to help her. So with this duo, she managed to find pictures and conversations and rumors about her ill-hearted boyfriend, and some certain sweets he's been flavoring. So must I elaborate? or do we all grasp the fact that she would not go down without a fight.... But what we all want to know is.. how did it end? did she forgive him ?!

The Girl Herself

You must understand who this girl is before you judge or ask yourself why she was ever with them in the first place. The first part is plain and simple. She takes on these guys who she thinks need ...hmmm... improvement, and she will fight with, for, and to them as long as she pleases. The next part is something I have realized. I believe she is drawn to cockiness and guys who other girls want. When people ask me why she is dating someone, the only reason I can give is that she likes they way they treat her. A lot of the time girls feel special when a guy has a weakness for them. It is a certain satisfying feeling to be a guys kryptonite. The one and only thing that can severely sever their heart strings, and my sister likes to tangle her fingers. My sister is one of those people who will not and cannot be alone. Perhaps she feels protected or likes the ability to vent to people. Perhaps its to feel acceptance. What ever the reason, I don't think she's been without a boyfriend for more than two weeks. Once you understand the type of girl she is, you will better understand the choices she makes and the things she will do.
My sister is a few years older than I am. Over the years I have witnessed her with a few guys, to say the least. Perhaps she is the reason I have never had a serious boyfriend, but who knows. Over the duration of my blog I will describe each of her boyfriends, their relationship, and how it affected us all. Stay tuned, this is gonna be a long one.